Introducing Bind

Connect with a purpose.

Bind is your Digital Business Card that connects you with your business associates and clients. It includes secure chat capability and effective networking tools.

why Bind
why Bind

Why Bind? 

Because your network is your net worth.

How it works.


Design your card

 Easily create your profile with all your contact information including a picture of yourself.

touch connect


Connect and engage with all your contacts by touching your phones or scanning the unique QR code.

bind chat


Bind is the perfect way to communicate with all of your contacts in the same app.


Design your card Icon

Design your card

 Create your profile with all of your info on.

Design your card Icon

Touch & Connect

 Connect and engage with your contacts by simply touching and connecting.

Design your card Icon

Contact manager 

Create your profile with all of your info on. You can even include a picture of yourself!

Design your card Icon

Secure chat feature

Advanced and secure chat system to stay in touch with your contacts in one place.


For Bind, privacy comes first, and that’s why we created advanced privacy settings to give you full control of what details and information you share with others.


Bind is built with industry-standard technologies to securely store your contacts with pace of mind. All our data is fully encrypted with the most advanced technology. 


Digital business cards reinvented.

You no longer need to rely on cluttering your bag or pocket with mountains of business cards that often end up lost. Oh, and it also takes away the awkwardness of asking someone’s personal details such as a phone number or social media details, which isn’t very professional.

digital Business Cards
new Way Img

The new way to network.

Bind has been developed to sit on top of social media, acting as the first point of contact where people connect on a professional level. Once this connection has been formed, relationships can then be established on Bind without having to worry about connecting on social media and having your whole life exposed.

Contact management system.

Bind offers a unique approach to contact management, allowing you to keep all your contact information in one place, including social media, work, and personal details. With Bind, users will never lose business contacts again, using QR or Touch & Connect technologies to build secure connections.


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